Institute of Applied Behavior Analysis offers services to children and youth with autism and other developmental disabilities. We are situated at Hinna, by Stavanger, on Norway’s west coast. As a result of parents who were seeking a higher quality of service for their children and youth, we were established in 2001 and continue our work with all who seek our help.

What is ABA?

Early intervention programmes

We are concerned with early intervention programs for children, and run our own preschool. Early intervention is supported by multiple evidence-based studies, showing that working intensively with language, imitation, social skills and emotional behavior as early as possible leads to the best prognosis.

We also offer weekend home service, day care service, baby sitting service, vacation service and sheltered work.

Individualized plans

Each child get their own individualized plan, which is set up together with the parents. Within this plan is incorporated an agreed upon list of target behaviors, written training programs, written evaluation procedures and an overview of the different activities for the child. Training is set up according to principles
for applied behavior analysis.


We put our pride in the cooperation with the parents and the individual needs of the child. We have a flexible staff and we are able to offer help in the home, at school/kindergarten or even when you are going to the shop. Problematic situations may be different from child to child, and we are glad to help with individualized plans guided by the parents needs.

Diagnostic work

If requested, IABA can do diagnostic work. We also supervise parents and professionals, and conduct workshops and seminars, both in english and norwegian. We also serve as an institution parents and professionals can visit or get training at.

The staff

Our staff consists of psychologists, social nurses, teachers and special education teachers, all trained in behavior science. Some of our staff have received training from Princeton Child Development Institute in New Jersey.

IABA engages in research projects. We also cooperates with other institutions for early intervention in other countries, like USA, Greece and Poland.

We are a private cooperation, and funding is provided through community services, insurance companies or privately.